5 Biggest Training Mistakes Most Mom’s Often Make

5 Biggest Training Mistakes Most Mom’s Often Make…..

I believe all mums have natural ability to become fit, achieve their ideal weight and attractive body shape.

In this article I would like to share with you 5 Biggest Training Mistakes/Myth most moms so often make. 

Avoiding these mistakes will save you lots of time, effort and energy and most importantly will get you results you deserve.
Do any of the following statements describe your current situation? I keep doing plenty of cardiovascular training but not getting muscle tone I want. Sometimes I do not feel I have enough energy to push myself and I am a bit worried if low intensity training will get me result

My tummy is not getting any flatter even after doing plenty of sit ups. Even though I feel stronger working out on gym machines, doing daily tasks do not seem to be much easier. I am not progressing with my training but not sure how to change my routine to make it work for me. Sounds familiar?

Than read on and find out what are the 5 Biggest Training Mistakes and how can you easily avoid them!

1. Cardio Burns More Fat than Weight Training.

How long have you been trying to loose weight by running on a treadmill or pedalling away on a stationary bike? And did you get the results you wanted? The belief that cardio training will help you to tone up is a very common one. Yet the experience of many clients of mine is that they have lost much more weight and toned up so much faster by following a really basic weight training routine than the ones doing cardio training.
Some of it might also come from the fact that your metabolism is still burning calories even after you are done with your weight training session. Using weights will also help you to increase lean muscle mass and give you definition and tone you want.

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Many mom’s avoid this type of training mainly because they associate it with getting too strong and muscular. This may be a reason why they will never achieve their ideal body shape. Building a little circuit of specific exercises using hand weights into your current programme will get you amazing results you want.

2. No Pain No Gain Myth Yes, it is not always about more is always better.

I can see this Biggest Training Mistakes happening very often. There might be many other things going on in your life that require your energy and many times you might not even realize how much of that energy you have already used up. Whilst it is important to challenge yourself if you want to get results, it also helps to know your limits as this can stop you from over exercising and stressing your system.

Listen to your body and if it is telling you to take it easy than go with it. Get your trainer to plan a shorter workout plan that you can use on the weeks that are more hectic or tiring. If you really feel like your energy is too low a walk in a pleasant company of your friend or partner will do.

3. Doing Hundreds of Sit Up’s Will Make My Tummy Flat.

In one of the training books I read some time ago I came across a picture of a Stone age man lying on a beach counting his sit ups and saying to a crocodile:”Let me do 10 more and than I will begin with my hunting!” I thought it was quite funny. Sit ups are not necessarily the best strategy for achieving a flat stomach mainly because we do not use our tummy muscles in that way in everyday life. That is not to say that sit ups are redundant but there are lots of other exercises that will achieve the flat stomach much more effectively.

Tell me this… Did doing plenty of sit ups got you a flat tummy? Do you feel like your waist is getting slimmer and more toned after doing countless amount of abdominal exercises? If your answer is no and you are getting frustrated over not achieving your results, why not try the following solution? Doing simple task such as reaching with your hands behind your head or twisting from side to side can be easily turned into an effective exercise and amount of variations you could do are endless.

Firstly it looks much more like something mums would do in their daily life and secondly this type of training will enable you to build toned and strong waist ready to support you whenever you need to pick up your child or do something in the garden.

4. Using Gym Machines is Safer for Me.

Gyms these days have all kinds of stationary resistance training machines with pictures of a muscle you will be working on. They are also really easy and comfortable to use, you can even read a book while using them. Hold on, that should not be right. Why not? Being able to read while exercising shows that exercises might not be challenging enough. How about reading a book while squatting on one leg? Bit harder is it not? The main difference is that machine gives your body full support and you do not need to use your balance as much as when you are squatting.

A good example of a situation in everyday life when you need your balance while squatting would be getting into your car. But because most of the training was done on a machine this task will not feel any easier. So what would be a good solution? There are plenty of other alternatives modern gyms these days can offer. Cable machines or free weights would be just one example.

Also using your own body weight and experimenting with variations of squats, lunges, push ups or pull ups is an excellent idea and great fun. Those are the exercises that will get you slim, fit, toned and ready for real life!

5. There is no point in changing my training routine.

I know many moms who have been following the same training routine for a long time and feel like they are getting nowhere. Reason why they might be resisting change is always different. I have also heard them say:”It is too complicated to change my training and what is the point anyway?” or “What exactly should I change about my program and will it get me results I want?” If those things sound familiar to you than this last mistake might be worth looking at.

How good would it feel to know that changing number of repetitions from usual 15-20 to 10-8 can help you look more toned or doing 4 or 5 of your favourite exercises back to back with no breaks in between can help you burn more calories? Those are just simple changes that will make all the difference to your current work out and get you great results! I am confident that if you follow right training plan, eat regular meals and avoid 5 Biggest Training Mistakes you will get the body shape you want and begin to feel good about yourself, knowing that all your hard work is paying off. If you are really serious about your training goals and determined to do what it takes you deserve to succeed. My business is dedicated to help mums who have been struggling to lose weight and tone up and want to become fit for everyday life.

It is very realistic to get the body shape you have always wanted and what it takes from your side is willingness to try a new training approaches and introducing some diet and lifestyle changes into your daily routine.

I am here to help you as I have helped other of my clients to achieve the level of fitness they desired. So if you really want to take your training a step further and feel you have what it takes to succeed why find out more by reading my regular monthly report packed with fitness and lifestyle tips to help you get most out of your training.

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