5 Signs To Show He Is Not In Love With You

5 Signs To Show He Is Not In Love With You

One thing that makes me smile each time i see people worried and pained about their breakups is the fact that most of them fail to realize that “When love is right, its right, when its wrong, its simply sucks.


The truth is that when love hits you, you suddenly begin to feel like someone used a magic wand on you as everything begins to appear magical.

On the other hand, when its not love, you’ll feel chocked up. But this does not mean i am a love doctor or something close to that but the thing is that i have had my own share of relationships based on My experience and that of my friends, i am going to share with you 5 simple signs to help you know when he’s just playing with you or when You’re in bed with the wrong guy.

1. You Hardly get along with each other’s friends and family.

Among the many signs to show he’s really not into you, i want to talk about this one. Yes this one! I know its really not possible to love his friends and family but to some extent, you should be able to get along with them when they’re around or when you visit.

If you discover that your presence brings some ill feelings or makes his friends uncomfortable, then i think you need to check it.

Also, if his friends are such that are terrible, if his friends are people you cannot easily trust, people you cannot share with, then i think its enough for you to check that thing you’re feeling. If his friends are bad, he is also going to be bad too because as the saying goes, Birds of the same feather flock together.

2. Does He Support You Emotionally?

Young Lady, do you know i suddenly realized how incompatible i was with my ex after i told him about a book i’d read and he laughed at me for my opinion? Instantly i realized that we really are not meant for each other.

Even though you have some crazy ideas about something, your boo should be able to support you, to stand by you and possibly help you perfect your crazy ideas.

Its a union of 2 imperfect people remember, so if he’s the type that will not be there to support you emotionally, then i don’t think he’s worth it. Infact, he does not love you.

He should be able to offer you some emotional support just like my very good friend would. If he’s as a lover cannot be supporting like my own friend, then i dont think he’s worth my time.

3. When You’re Around Him, You Loose The Ability To Be Your True Self.

If your boyfriend is such that would mock you for your choices, He deliberately makes you feel inferior for being yourself, then i think he’s out of the league. As a lover, one of the most important things in a relationship is acceptance. This simply means he should be able to accept you at all time, even when you’re at your worst.

Love is meant to correct all wrongs and not the other way round. If He makes you feel inferior, if he sees nothing but a mockable lady in you, then i think he is not worth it. Let him be.

4. If He Does Not Love You, You’ll Be Sexually Incompatible.

Compatibility is a very big factor for all relationships. This is because it is capable of covering all issues Relating to chemistry. How does he kiss you, how does he respond in bed. Does he moan when you do that thing? Do you feel it when he’s doing it? I know its possible for two people to enjoy sex, but if the thing is only going to be about sex and sex alone, then its not worth it.

There is more to a relationship than sex. How does he look at you? If he is all after the satisfaction of his libidinal push, then i think its time you relocate your tent.

5. Does He Count Scores?

So because you refused him sex the other day, he suddenly brings up how you refused him sex. Other guys will keep reminding you how you borrowed some cash but not been able to pay back everytime you speak or call. He even takes this as far as whatsapp and facebook chats.

If he takes note of the number of times you’ve offended him, number of mistakes you make on a weekly basis, then i think he’s the wrong person you’ll want to waste your precious time with.

There are many more signs to show he’s not really in love with you but out to waste your time.

I also understand these are not the only signs to look out for.

Therefore have these at the back of your mind and look out for more. Ask others their experiences and the signs they got that showed their man is a wrong one. You can also share with others to help them avoid wasting their time with the wrong guy.


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