Behavioral Effects of Alcohol on Young Child

Behavioral Effects of Alcohol on Young Child  ~ As a child my first experience with alcohol was very bad and ever since then, i vowed never to go near a bottle of booz let alone pour its content to my mouth and later to my stomach…

On This article i am going to explain a few effects drinking would have on you as an Adolescent and i really want you to have them at the back of your mind in all you do.

The things is that when you drink, your overall behavior changes after a few minutes the liquid strikes your bellies and begin to react with your brain. Your reaction and interaction with your immediate environment changes and if you’re in an unfamiliar area or in a couple of bad friends, you could loose your life or be badly hurt.

Here are 5 of the many Behavioral effects of Alcohol Use On Your Child

1. He/She Becomes Attention Deficient.

When your child acts under the influence of Alcohol, You’ll notice he makes some decisions he wouldn’t make if he was acting in his own capacity and actually does things that are contrary to a given set of instructions

Yes! This happened to me when i was drunk too.

Alcohol Overuse limits a child’s ability to process information as a child and it also limits his ability to handle even the most simplest information. At This time, he could even bring a Shoe when you simply asked him to bring a kitchen Knife

2. Impulsive Behavior

When Your Child is drunk, You’ll notice a sudden change in him/her. Some kids would even as far as make some hasty decision which they later realize was bad for them.

This is because alcohol in high doses limits a child’s ability to hide impulsive behaviours. when a child is intoxicated, he responds only to what will provide him an immediate pleasure. What happens afterwards never matters. They do not realize the risks involved at the actions they take at that moment.

The child behaves recklessy when intoxicated and may even resort to fights, anger at the slightest misunderstanding between himself and other relatives in the home or out there in school.

Little wonder most kids engage in fights, inflict injuries on their fellows when they’re drunk

3. Overeating

Heavy drinking triggers overeating. If you have ever driven past a pizzeria downtown around 2 a.m., you know this is the case. Alcohol impairs a person’s ability to control or regulate their food intake. Even the most chronic dieters tend to overeat after a few drinks. Alcohol already is loaded with calories and eating junk food on top of it is a major no-no for weight loss. Cutting out the alcohol will help in your weight loss goals and make you feel healthier overall.

4 Self-awareness

When intoxicated, a person loses their ability to monitor their behavior successfully. Eventually, the attitude changes from being aware and responsible to “who cares?” However, being aware of yourself and your behavior is important. While you might not care at the moment, you will care when the alcohol wears off.

5. Anxiety Relief

Alcohol relieves stress and anxiety. Often, people state they are drinking to “take the edge off.” However, did you know that alcohol can make anxiety worse? That’s right. Although the ethanol in alcohol can temporarily reduce anxiety, it does not cure it. In fact, anxiety and alcohol use can worsen drinking behavior and make anxiety worse. It’s a bad cycle. Don’t encourage it! It could ruin your ability to reason and process information as a child.

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