Being a housewife is it a Good Idea?

 Housewife A Good Idea?

Couple of years, i have seen a lot of women that enjoys being a housewife especially women who are married to rich and well to do men and so there fore they think it is a waste of time working for any one or establishing them selves.

I have a story i will love to share, my mum’s sister got married to a man who is so rich that he stopped her from working simply because he feels he can afford anything she wants, they were living happily but all this while, the wife was not aware of her husbands property and whenever she reminds him to tell her things she needs to know about him since he refused her from working, the husband will immediately get angry and ask her if she wants him to die so that she can claim his property and so since that day, she never bothered asking him about his business again after all he provides every pin needed in the house.


So After 6 good years , the husband travelled and on his way back , he had an accident and died on the spot and when he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors also confirmed that he has kicked the bucket. meanwhile the man is from a polygamous home and he was the first issue, when the news got to his family, they were accusing the wife that she is the one that killed their brother and after the burial of her husband, they chased her and her four children out of the house the husband built for them, the younger brother bribed their family lawyer and claimed the properties of her husband and chased them away.

Luckily for her, she was able to save a lot of money when her husband was alive and so she rented an apartment but she was not able to meet up with the school requirements of her kids and so she withdrew them from the expensive school they were attending before when her husband was alive and had to registered them in a public school, she was finding it difficult to feed her children to the extent that she started selling her clothes and jewelries so as to take good care of her children. she was full of regret if she had known , she wouldn’t have been a jobless housewife.
Her first daughter Chiugo after she finished her secondary school, she had to look for a menial job in order to support her in training her younger siblings in school and while all this was happening, the husband’s family never cared about the welfare of their elder brothers family, they sold one of the houses he built in Abuja and they squandered the money.
You can imagine children that never lacked right from the day one they were born, now finding it hard to eat three square meal and even had to beg and do menial jobs in order to survive.

So being a housewife is a very big risk because when your husband is no more and it happens that you do not know anything about his business or his property, you and your kids will suffer.

No matter how rich he is, my sister, if you are educated please get a job or you can plead with him to establish you, may be open a boutique for you or any business that you can comfortably do in the comfort of your home such as cake baking, making of small chops, you can go for training on how to be a professional cook so that people can always hire you to cook for them, you can also sell your goods and services from home, all you need is a Facebook advert account, a dollar master card which you will use as a means of payment on Facebook, a delivery or courier service that will be delivering your goods and service to people all this at the comfort of your home and you will be making a lot of money too.

when you are working and earning, you will be able to provide for your siblings and your parents with out seeking permission or begging him man for money, you will be able to take good care of your self with or without his presence in your life.

Get up right now, and find something doing.

Being a housewife Is A Huge Risk

Make Hay While The Sun Shine.

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