Do Men Go Through Emotional Abuse And Domestic Violence?

Do Men Go Through Emotional Abuse And Domestic Violence?

Many Men are going through Emotional Abuse from their wives but they cannot speak up cos the society sees them as weak men and most of them are shy and cares more about the society making mockery of them.


I have witnessed a first hand case of Domestic Violence coming from a woman. she used to hit her husband and sometimes chase him out of the house. it lingered for so long that the neighbours had to call the elder sister of the man, who came with the police and beat the hell of our her then locked her up at the station.

Sometimes the signs are always there, but as usual who the gods want to kill, they will first make him mad, many people who are being battered today graduated from battered girl friend to battered wife, if you don’t value your life, why not think of the agony your parents will undergo if you were to untimely die before them. if you as a man want love, then show it, love your self first

i could remember when i was growing up, there is this man living in our compound, he lost his job and so the wife is the one feeding the family, whenever they have issues, this woman will call him all sort of names, like you are a coward, a lazy man and all sort of horrible words moreover this is the same man that use to take care of her and the kids when he was doing well but since he lost his job, everything changed.sometimes he wont feed him and when the man complained she will tell him to go and make money, it was so horrible that i prayed for my brothers not to ever meet or marry a lady like that woman. this man suffered from all manner of Emotional Abuse.

There is another story of a man going through Emotional Abuse that he ended up hitting his wife, it was so bad to the extent that the wife will seize his phone and hold him for trouser that he is not going anywhere simply because he couldn’t afford the money she demanded for.

One faithful day, According to this friend of mine, he had an appointment by 10 am in the morning, the wife requested for money to buy human Hair, he told her that he does not have, the wife blocked the door and refused him from leaving the house and started abusing him and his family, he couldn’t control his temperament and so he ended up giving her the beatings of her life although he later apologised and swore not to hit her again.

We live in a world where some women mistake KINDNESS for WEAKNESS. we all have our limits. Being a nice man does not mean you have to accept being treated with disrespect. speak up whenever you feel disrespected or abused by your wife. it is not a sign of weakness rather it is for your own good and safety because it beats my imagination to see a woman who professed to love a man now berserk and turn to a monster simply because he lost his job. if you are facing any form of abuse, walk away or report to any one you feel that will talk some sense into her. never you hit her because you might end up killing her and your kids might hate you for the rest of their lives,

Lets Say No To Any Form Of Abuse.

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