Etiquettes On Visiting A New Mom

Etiquettes on visiting a new mom;

1. spray a mild perfume, most new moms find it annoying if after you finish carrying their newborn the baby starts reeking of your perfumes and don’t also forget the fact that the baby’s lungs are still developing so your harsh perfumes might cause some damage.

2. If you have a cold (catarrh or cough) you may want to postpone your visit or even though it’s compulsory that you visit you should refrain from touching or carrying the new born, moms find it annoying when you carry their babies and you start coughing and sneezing. The baby’s immune system isn’t strong so it’s very likely that the newborn might contact your cold there by leaving the mom to battle with the ailment.

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3. Mind your business, at different times I have given birth I have gotten exasperated with the many unsolicited opinions and advice from visitors. One came and told me one of my daughter’s eye is smaller than the other, eyes that were perfectly the same, another came and told me that my son’s‚Äč throat is blocked that i should give a relative an alligator pepper to chew and apply inside his throat else he won’t speak, I was dumbstruck. Another came and told me that the reason that my new born wasn’t fat yet was because I wasn’t rubbing her powder, that was a 3kg baby that at her 14weeks appointment she had doubled her birth weight SMH. I could go on and on about the unsolicited advice moms receive. Please keep your advice to yourself.

4. Don’t carry the baby except the new mom offers you the baby

about five to ten visitors can pay a visit to the new mom in a day and each time these visitors expect you to wake up your newborn for them to carry there by disturbing the baby’s rest. Personally I put my newborn on her bed and put down her net, common sense should tell you that you can admire him/her without carrying the baby but alas some visitors will still ignore my subtle sign that the baby isn’t to be disturbed and carry her. It annoys me so much.

5 . Even when you are offered the baby to carry please carry the newborn gently. The new born is not a toy that you should be throwing up and down, twisting and tickling. Another thing is, don’t attempt to kiss another person’s newborn no matter how close you think you are with the mother. I have had visitors attempt to kiss my newborn in those situations I have thrown courtesy to the air and told them straight up that they are not allowed to do that.
6. It’s not your duty to decide who the newborn resembles, it is not your business. Don’t come and make statements like why does your baby not look like you, or your baby is your husband’s carbon copy, awww your baby is white but you and your husband is black, haaa why does your baby not have full hair when you and your hubby are hairy and bla bla bla… Please keep your observations to yourself.

7. Another thing I find very annoying and it’s mostly common in Africa is when someone puts to birth a baby girl and a visitor will just walk in and say oh don’t worry it will be a boy next time. Seriously who told you I am worried because I have a baby girl? I remember when I had my daughter a pastor visited and was praying that God should bless my household with sons and not daughters from henceforth‚Äč, another well meaning well wisher came and started teaching me immediately what to do in order for me to get a boy next time. Unbelievable!!!

Let me stop here for now, you can add the things you find annoying as a New Mom and probably others will learn from it.

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