How Can A Lady Know That A Guy Truly Loves Her And He’s Not Pretending?

How can a lady know that a guy truly loves her and he’s not pretending?

There is no standard criteria to know if a guy truly loves a lady, it varies based on individual. one fact remains that a guy who genuinely loves a lady will have her concern, interest and development at heart and that does not mean he will think marriage immediately.

A lady can know if a guy truly loves her when the guy has time for her despite his busy schedules, be there for her, be open to her and hides nothing from her, value her more than his so called male friends. A guy that loves you will have it all written all over him, every move he makes speaks it loud and clear, he is not lusting after the fresh but thinks of your future, infarct it doesn’t hide itself.

You can be able to predict if he loves you by his character. Ask your self these questions.

Does he respect your personality?
Treat you like there’s no other?
Protect you from your fears?
Encourages you and help you towards achieving your dreams and aspirations?
Is he proud of you even in front of his family and friends?
Whenever you visit him unexpected, how does he react, Happy or ask you why you didn’t notify him before coming?
Does he value and Appreciate you?
Share his visions and aspirations with you?
Does he cherish the things you love and where not in support, render a heart-warming advice to you?
Doesn’t criticize or disagrees with you publicly?
Does he love the things of the lord and worship him in truth and in spirit and also reflect in his daily dealings with people?
Correct you when you are wrong without letting the world know about it?
No dull or sad moment when he is around?
If you as a lady notice some of the aforementioned points and many others, its very possible that he is in love with you..
There is no ready made marriage,friendship or relationship out there, you got to build yours.

A guy who truly loves you will always stare into your eyes and will always tell you how he feels about you and will always try his utmost best to make you happy. he will be willing to sacrifice anything humanly possible to make you happy.

If he talks more about prospects and building his future with you rather than being engrossed doing mundane things with you. its at least 75 percent possible that his love for you is real.

Although there are guys who have PHD in lies, and pretending and some can pretend for years but at least as a human, you should be able to know when to quit.
Sex is not love, if all he cares about you is to sleep with you. my sister run for your life.
If he cheats on you and hit you in any little provocation, my sister run for your life. he does not worth it.

And above all, Love your self and never you leave the keys of your happiness in any man’s pocket.

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