I Did A Blood Convenant With My Boyfriend, How Can I Break It?

Broken promises may be pardonable but “blood convenant“? Hmmmm I fear……

“The life of an animal in its blood”. Remember it was the blood of Abel that cried to God for vengeance.
Why do you think the Isrealites were not forbidden from eating any animal that die without spilling it’s blood?
Why do you think even the traditionalist and ritualistic spill blood to seal their deals?


Whether consciously or not, you have bonded yourself by virtue of making pronouncements and spilling blood. It takes “divine intervention” after both parties consensually agree to denounce it, to be free from the consequences of breaking the terms, how much more if it is done by just one person.

You both had an agreement sealed by a convenant and the blood was your witness, it takes the both of you to reach an agreement and pray fervently to break that which is binding on you.

The first thing you will do is to tell your family about the Blood Convenant because you will really need their support also it is a big burden for you to be carrying all alone all these years each time you want to move on the fear of the oath will always demoralize you.

Secondly, when you get home call the guy, explain things to him. Have a good talk with him,let him know you don’t want to continue the relationship again(be really sure you want out of the relationship) you might be surprise maybe he wants out too but the fear of the oath is deterring him too.

Thirdly tell your current boyfriend the situation at hand, he has the right to know believe me he might not find it very funny. finally which should have been my first point, there is nothing the blood of JESUS CHRIST cannot handle, there is. power in the name of JESUS CHRIST it breaks very oath and blood covenant…once you denoun the oath with the blood of JESUS CHRIST in his front it is finished.

I am not going to blame you, is a mistake and when one is in love he or she does alot of stupid things all in the name of love. I wish you well and pray the good LORD will help, also direct you in this issue . He will grant you all you wish for and the happiness you so desire.

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