Marriage Is Not A Death Trap, Blissful Marriage Is Attainable.

Is Marriage A Dead Trap?

Marriage has been so brandished with negative vibes and nauseating orientation…. Marriage is now paraded all over as a mortgage of one’s peace and joy…..

I call on parents today, single, widowed or married to please look inwards and begin to drive the right psyche for our children. Let us salvage the society ahead of us from this looming mayhem….

Let us begin to portray the ideal marriage and home front.

Let us propagate to them the uniqueness of an amiable home and union… The energy we are dispensing broadcasting the ills of marriage can catapult tremendously a recognizable quota of young youths who will deter from the norms of an idealistic marriage commitment….

Yes we can…. We can project the challenges that go with it alongside the psychology to deal with it. Let us begin to teach our sons the values of being a dream man to his woman…. Let us nuture our girls to grow to recognize their inner confidence, develop it and become a woman who wows her man….

We have suddenly turned MarriageĀ Institution to a beehive of conflict,unrest,chaos,and absolute unfulfilling venture…. We have so paraded the norm that is a hell of an abode…. Oh God save our kids from this draining syndrome….

I am privileged to have stumbled on articles written by men shared here on facebook and that gave me a sign of relief that we still can have men who are patriarchs with the right mentality and approach….

No parent wanna be better than the child, it’s therefore my prayer that we gum our butts to reality and wake up to that singular responsibility of mentoring our kids on the right values. We shall fail as parents when we allow our personal failures rub off on our kids mentality in life…

If you are a parent and you were rusticated from school for some gross misconduct, certainly you will be a societal misfit to allow such mayhem befall your child…. A pragmatic parent would watch out for I’ll traits that might amount to gross misconduct that may probably insure such luck on the child again….
Consequently, the joy of parents are ageing gracefully with peace within and inside of us…

I draw a lot of energy from articles. It has a way of assuring one, that marriage is not a death trap, like many have made it look, discouraging those that are single from even thinking of venturing into it….

Thank you so much as you took time to read this and may you continually see reasons to help that person next to you to believe in that institution called marriage……Help in this call of saving our young ones from this trend erupting like a volcano and claiming souls….

Let us reset mindsets and teach in every way we can that a blissful marriage is attainable….

It’s still me…..

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