Men Are Thrash? I Don’t Think So.

Men Are Thrash? I Don’t Think So.

i came across so many post on Facebook titled ‘Men Are Thrash‘ which i think originated from South Africa and i was kind of surprised that a lot of South Africans were in support of such Hash tag Both men and women, so i decided to get to the root of the matter and know why such hash tag were trending only to discover that South African women gets violated every day by men because they are women, most of them were raped, killed in cold blood and so they want the government and other countries to be aware and do some thing fast about it


The same way we have bad men, we also have bad women, not all men are thrash, when you say Men are thrash,always remember that you have a father and brothers who are also men. not all men are bad, there are so many responsible men and women out there who knows how to respect other human beings especially women and children.

No one should stay in a violent relationship. Abusers are narcissists, they are not going to care about how nice you are except where it suits their goals. you can never please them so the best thing you need to do is to walk away.


Dear Ladies, know when to walk away, a man who treat you like trash, hit you and cheat on you even throw you out and instead of you to pick up the pieces of your life and know that you deserve better and move on but rather you keep begging, just give me one good reason why he wont continue to treat you like trash? Men are not trash, learn to walk away from bad situations that endangers your life and safety cos you deserve better.

Not all Men are Thrash, because I know a lot of men who would go at any length positively in order to provide the needs of their family and make sure that they are happy and satisfied.

A Real Man can never hit you or hurt you rather he will support you and help you succeed in your dreams and aspiration but also note that there is no perfect man or woman out there. when you meet a man who respects and adore you, as a woman you need to also value him, Don’t disrespect or emotionally abuse him, appreciate his little efforts towards you and never you compare him with your Ex,


A Woman who knows who she is and the value she can give wont say all Men Are Thrash. she knows that men she attracts aint thrash. so while at it, also check your self, some men all they want is just peace of mind and respect, a great companion.

Not all men are thrash, you only attract your kind, what you give is what you get, set your priority straight, keep on working on your self and never you settle for less.

lets say no to emotional abuse and Domestic Violence.

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