Mind Your Business On Social Media

Mind Your Business On Social Media

People have their private lives to live and the way they want to live it,Yours is to live yours and let everyone else live theirs..
When a married woman who made clear she is married BUT never mention her husband or share his pictures on social media, There’s nothing wrong with her.
It doesn’t mean anything!
It means a lot if she was posing as single while married,But since her status is clear,If she chose to keep her hubby off her Facebook talk,It is non of your business.Get over it and mind your business.

There are some married guys here that made their status clear but chose to keep their wives off Facebook talk,You should be concerned if he was married and pretending to be single here.The fact he declared his status but chose to keep his family private is non of your business.It is ridiculous at best and foolishness at worse to question the integrity of a married man just because he chose to keep his private life away from social media.Do something else with that time.

When you see a married woman that always talk about her husband and how he bought her stuff and how he was or is the best man on earth,Let her be.

Stop guessing that she was just pretending and covering up unless her husband told you that.
You don’t live with them, All you see is what she posted on social media and in the absence of concrete proof,I believe everything she said.

Stop hanging around people and critically analysing her pictures and reading ridiculous body language to discredit the woman.She said she is happy,Believe her if you like or let her be and invest that time in your life.

You saw a married man speaking so much of his wife publicly,How she is the ideal wife that COOKS/SUBMISSIVE[You will like that don’t you?]Splashed her lovely pictures on Facebook and says so much good of her. Again,That’s his business! He said he is happy,Why are you guessing that he is actually not happy but covering up?
How do you know that? Do you live with them? Did the wife or relatives tell you that they are not happy?
Just for few miserable LIKES/COMMENTS,you start analysing a woman’s pictures posted by her husband and employed the services of your self appointed body language specialists on Facebook to discredit her.Why?
He said he is happy, Let him be.
Even if you don’t believe he is happy,Move on and invest more time in your own life than spying on people.

The real tragedy is that people are becoming too negative and bitter these days and it is reflecting on their words.
The only person that knows whether they are happy in the relationship or not is the person in that relationship.
It is you that knows that you are happy or not.
When I see those lovely pictures with the words they share showing their love towards each other,I like them and honestly believe them.
If they are not happy and faking it,I like them more because you have to be brave to look beyond your fights and worries and still publicly say nice things about your spouse.
Stay Positive,Keep the Faith.


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