The above👆👆 phrase bites me so much when our ladies misunderstood it.
Many lives have been wasted just for the misinterpretation of such phrase. Maternal death on high mortality rate just because of this Phrase.
It’s quite appalling!
I was at hospital sometime ago, a young lady in labour was busy climbling the hospital stairs up and down ,walking tro & fro the hospital arena like a GoTv sabi man…. upon enquiry, i was made to understand that she was due for labour and doctors suggested a C-section because all the attempts to stimulate her contraction failed.
But she refused to have an operation because her Pastor told her she must deliver like the Hebrew women.
I later learnt she lost that baby later and she was so lucky to be alive.
I know she must have learnt her lesson in a very bitter way.
My mom will always say in my native dialect” okwukwe ka nkụ, ọwụrụ ịnwa Chukwu”(When you exaggerate your faith,it seems a threat to God).

Please, there is no special way the Hebrew women deliver. . Those phrases in Exodus 1: 15-19 were just a clever soft landing to prank on the wicked King whom ordered the killing of all male child of Hebrew.

It was just a tactic ,a smart display of wisdom which the Midwives used in convincing king Pharoah so that they will abscond from his punishment . In other words,it is a Make-belief!

I don’t see any reason why some women will neglect Doctor’s suggestions on having a Ceasarian section (CS) when their is a complication.
Naturally, some women have narrow pelvic / cervix (ukwu mkpa) and only through CS can they be delivered of their babies.
Yet some of these women will be so adamant to have a cut! They will vehemently insist on their pastors says they shall deliver like hebrew women.
Who told you that there was a special way the hebrew women deliver? Where you there?

I believe the cause of maternal death in the olden days was because there were no technology, simply put; There wasn’t any sort of Ceasarian section experts to deliver them of their babies..main reason why the olden days mothers with ukwu mkpa (narrow pelvic) and several other complications died during Labour.

We are privileged enough to be part of these evolutionary/modern days and we have all these birth technologies to save us during labour, yet we can’t appreciate it.

It’s only an ofeke or onuku, that can not uncode a simple parable.
Your pastor says you shall deliver like the hebrew women, ofcourse you should be smart enough to identify your suya from onions.
Ọbụrọ sọ gị ka Pastor na àgwa, My Rev.Father also told me that too. But he never told me i should not opt for CS when my cervix stops dilating during labour,or when the baby stops moving down the birth canal, or when the umblical cord slips through the cervix, or when the placenta starts to seperate from the uterine wall,or when there is an obstruction such as fibroid or when the baby is an extra large or when the baby is in Breech or sideways position.

You see, there are so many complications that can erupt during pregnancy or during labour,the doctor will suggest a C-section to save the lives of the baby and mother.
Yet some holier than thou women will want to be more catholic than pope. And more faithful than Abraham…
This is a case of physical combat, have your operation and save your life and that of baby. No you won’t, because pastor says. But when you die,same pastor will come and eat jollof rice on top your grave and recite the normal “God has giveth; God taketh”.
He never knew you died because you misinterpreted his “hebrew women” quotes.
You died on the account of your ignorance. Do don’t blames on your pastor.

Delivery like the Hebrew women literally mean that BOTH mother and child will be safe irrespective of the mode of delivery bikonu!
I repeat, DELIVERY LIKE THE HEBREW WOMEN Means, Na aga anụ olu Nne, nụkwazie akwa Nwa.

Enough said è jọọ ntọri Ọlọrun!



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