Prophesy: Prophesy For Nigeria’s 2019 General Elections

Here is a few words of prophesy for Nigeria’s 2019 general Election. This is not meant to be a hatespeech, it’s just to entertain and urge my southern people to be well prepared for the 2019 general Elecrions

Northern Youth: will abandon his cows, strolls to one Polling Unit to cast his vote.

Southern Youth: will take the money he doesn’t even have and stroll to one bar to drink himself to stupidity.

Northern Youth: Believes his Vote will count.

Southern Youth: As far as Buhari is in power, voting for or against him doesn’t really matter.

Northern Kids: Would come out to vote too, Inec Ad-Hoc staffs will try to be sturbbon, refuse them underanged from voting but at the sight of the Dagger or sickle, the underaged would vote too.

Southern Kids: Would hide in their houses watching cartoon, playing PS, drinking Viju Milk.

Northern Father: Supports his choice of a candidate and would advises his sons to follow suit

Southern Father: Would before the actual date for 2019 general elections, receive APC rice/Wrapper, as a result of these gifts, he would force or try to force his sons to support APC or leave his house.

South South: INEC vehicle conveying PVCs to collection points might just disappear with all the PVCs needed to allow Southern voters cast their vote during Nigeria’s 2019 general elections.

North: All PVCs will be distributed to registered voters, even those who didn’t register will have a PVC and would use same to vote for their chosen leader during Nigeria’s 2019 general elections


Change your mentality O southern People of Nigeria.

The North is already leading in everything, come and register for your PVCs and be ready to collect same when its ready.

As for those INEC staff trying to amputate the power of the PVC from the southern people, your doom is near.

Don’t forget that this post is inspired of the most high GAWD.

Speaking against it may attract the wrath of the Almighty.

I don go

©MrPinner 2018

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