Practical Reasons Why Women Are Cheating In Marriage

Cheating In Marriage

After marriage….Some men stops noticing their wives new hair, cloth or shoes. They form over busy.

They stop complimenting her, they should know women love compliments a lot.

They stop showing care thinking that just bringing money for foodstuffs and money for the kids are enough.

Most neglect their wives needs

Most don’t appreciate even when she’s trying to adjust probably with a new born baby and a whole lot of chores at once. You can simply say ” baby, I know you’re trying”

Most hardly want to take you out to have a “youMe time” with them. Your wife needs treat once in a while.

When last did you spoil your wife??…Some don’t even know that women needs to be seduced too. They think if they want sex, they will just say it Gbom like you’re a sex slave.

Some don’t even know little or nothing about romance, their sex life is so boring.
They thrust in and out and the next minute they are done!…
Yuck!!! What a horrible sex!
Nothing angers a woman like a horrible sex.

Last but not the least, CHEATING!
Some men with utmost disregard for their wives feelings making her turn to a complete nag and a bitter woman. They sap out all the happiness in her before marriage and refill it with total darkness.

Cheating kills a woman completely. It makes her vulnerable and her vulnerability can lead to a reprisal attack of cheating on you too.

Let me tell you how, once she feels not desire, in her vulnerability she seeks attention from men unknowingly trying to know how many men can still find her attractive irrespective of how valueless her “horseband” has placed her.
And When she finds that one man that tells her

O hail the morning star!
The Star that shines brighter like a Diamond.!!
Your beauty radiates more than the morning star !!
And may the Universe fall at your feet!!

She automatically goes on an ego reboot and believes in herself again. Then the GAME begins!!!

And if he happens to have the body of Idris Elba and the face of Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)

Oh menh! !….
Oga start praying for her!!
Read psalms like doctors prescription and May Holy ghost restore the peace in your home.



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