Sex Education: Why It Is Very Important And When To Begin With Your Child

Sex Education: Why It Is Very Important And When To Begin With Your Child

That day a very young child, just 9 Year old, after taking her bath to wash off the effects of the hot sun from school. She just walked to her father who is a highly reputable man in the society.

“Daddy what is sex?” Jenny asked with her eyes wide open. Deep in her mind was that hunger to know something she’d never heard before. In response to her question, the father quickly shut her up and established that such word (Sex) is not to be mentioned in the home ever again.

Jenny was the only daughter. Disappointed at the Dad’s Ignorance and inability to provide the answers she needs, Jenny walked up to the mum and tabled the same question.

To her surprise, Daddy and mummy actually had the same answers even though they weren’t in the same spot when she asked the questions.

On her way to school the next day, she found her self alone with the driver, a time to get the answers she needs! so she asked him the same questions “Uncle Maxwell what is sex?”

At this moment, Uncle maxwell suddenly began to realize how cool it would be to teach Jenny about sex Practically and so he promised to show her the meaning of sex later in the evening provided she’s not going to tell anyone about it. Jenny agreed.

Later that night, they met at maxwell’s room, he raped her instead of teaching her what sex really meant. This left a very deep mental effect on the young child who’s just 9 year old.

She had to live with all that pain by herself simply because her parents refused to empower her in the aspect of knowing about sex. This exposed her to a sexual predator.

This post is made with the intention to make it possible for you as a parent or potential parents to find it easy to teach your kids about sex.

What Is Sex Education?

in a nutshell, Sex education is a broad term used to decribe the process of educting a child about sexual reproduction human sexual anatomy, sexual intercourse and other terms that are related to sexuality.

Why Is Sex Education Important?

It is important in the life of your child because it empowers the young mind (Your Child) and makes him/her aware of his sexuality.

When Do i Start Teaching My Child About Sex Education?

The truth is that most parents because of ignorance and some barbaristic believes tend to shy away from discussing issues relating to sex and sex education with their young children. A thing which has only but exposed these kids to predators out there.

One thing you must know as a parent is that there is a great danger out there pertaining to your child’s sexuality especially when you allow the idea of sex get to them from the wrong sources.

Another thing you must know is that to sexual predators, it would mean a lot to lure young minds into having the wrong perception about sex. This is where their power lies and they would stop at nothing till they have their way with the child.

When You Properly educate your child about his/her sexuality, you help them gain some power over these predators. Thus, it would be almost impossible for these predators to molest a child that already knows so much about the strange thing or topic coming from the predator.
This is the reason why sex education like charity must begin from home. If Sex education like charity should begin from home, who then plays the keyrole in imparting the knowledge to the children? The parents isn’t it so? What Really Is Involved In sex Education?

Sex education must be able to consider the well-being of the child. this means it must discuss such topics as body parts, How to respond to things abou their bodies and how to carry themselves in a way that attracts respect from others.

At What Age Should Sex Education Begin?

From psychology, we understand that sex education is a process that should begin when the child is still at the tender stage. Lets say between the ages of 3 and 6 (when a child reaches 3 -6 years old). Just at the very stage where a child begins to question the anatomical differences between daddy and mummy, that is the time when straightforward answers should be used to clear their minds of every immature sex feelings.

At this age, you do not need strong langauages to pass the message, all you’ll need is a language the child would be able to understand. Something he can remember easily without having to crack his/her head. according to researchers, it has been discovered that some people have actually kicked against educating the young ones about their sexuality simply because they believe using the word “sex” is not just about the anatomy but talking or describing the intercourse part of it.

This should stop because a child should start learning about his body parts right from the age of 2. this would help broaden his idea on the parts of his body as he gradually turn into a boy.

Another Benefit Of Sex education is that it prepares your child against abuse. It helps remove the tendency of the kids to shy away from mentioning or talking about parts of their body.

According to Obom-Egbulem and Helen Oshikoya both opined in their research that “sex education should be directed in such a way that it would enable the kids get the basic knowlegde about their body parts and also able to report to their parents whenever they’re touched inappropriately or wrong gestures used on them.”
Talking about the right age to begin teaching the little ones about sex education, Fowowe characterized the different stages as: The stage when the child is just between 18 months and 3 years old.

The next stage is from ages 3 – 5 yearls old After that, you can increase the way you teach him about it when he has gained some accurate knowledge about the basic parts of his body.

From ages 5 – 12 and from 13 to 18 when he gradually turns into an adult. The Wrong Views People have about sex education Most people are of the opinion that sex education is all about teaching a child about penetration. But the truth is that a child needs to understand the names to the different body parts, he also needs to know the appropriate names for these parts as well as the difference between public and private parts of the body and how these can be handled and taken care of.

Having stated these, I hope you would now realize that the duty rests solely on you as a parent, a guardian to empower your child as regards sex education. It is important they have their first lessons from you because having such a lesson from other sources could expose them to more danger than you could ever imagine.

Begin today, it is never too late, you can still talk them into having a better view of the parts of their body, how these can be cared for and to always be open to report to you as a parent whenever their body is touched by strangers. Please Share with others to educate them on this issue too….

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