How To Start Mini Importation As A Sit At Home Mum Using Facebook

First of all before you can start a mini importation business here online. You have to first of all choose a product you will want to sell. For example lets assume you want to sell baby clothes or human hair online.

I do advice people to go for a quality product because u will need to create a facebook page and instagram page which represent you and ur brand, i mean the product you are about to sell and once your customers get to trust you and ur products, you are good to go.

Another one is an active facebook account and you will also need to apply for dollar master card by opening a domiciiary account. That card will serve as a means of payment here on Facebook because For each advert you run here on Facebook through your Facebook business page in order to get customers, Facebook will charge you base on threshold. From 25 dollar to 50 dollar etc.

I dont know if naira master cards accept foreign transactions, i have no idea thats why i do advice my frnds to go for dollar MasterCard.

And your name here on facebook should atleast match with the name on your card for safety reasons. Cos most time facebook may lock your account and ask for verification in which you have to provide ur drivers licence of any current government Id as a means of verification before they can unlock ur account.

After that, you will need a good logistics company especially if you want to do payment on delivery nationwide. I personally used GIG logistics for nationwide delivery, they fall my hand so i had to limit my delivery and advert to only those based in lagos and only permit payment on delivery for those in lagos only. So in that case you can decide to have a delivery team that will handle ur package within ur state. Some do have their own personal logistics while some are using GIG,KOS etc.

After that, you have to have ur own brand of packaging nylon because you have to make everything look professional. So u can contact those that design nylon and reciept and get ur own brand base on the name of ur store or u can use ordinary nylon to package ur stuff. In terms of reciept, you can design urs thru the use of ma word and other application with your pc..

That’s the main thing you need to have at hand..

On how to buy good products to sell, i normally buy from China through a site called and and before u can access the, you have to make use of google chrome cos the site language is in china and their currency is in yuan. So u you have to use google chrome to access the site in order to translate the language to English and also use google translator to translate their currency to naira so that you can know the actual price of the product you want to buy.

I dont have any agent so i make use of all you have to do is register with them, fund their account, so each product you want to buy from or, you have to submit the link to them , they will buy the product and ship it down to u in their office in Lagos or any state they do work with, then you go to their office and carry it. They will charge u for shipping fee thou based on the one u choosed. Such as normal shipping, triweekly etc but if u are into a good brand of product, the shipping fee wont be a problem for u cos u will recover ur money times 5.

But if you do not want to under go such stress, look for wholesale dealers in such product, buy from them and resell.

If you go to onitsha main market or balogun here in lagos, we have so many dealers who buy such product in whole sale, you can buy from them and resell.

But if you have a friend in china , you can send the product sample to them and they will help u buy them, ship it down to u here in Lagos and you pay them then resell by running advert on facebook thru your facebook page.

So if you are interested and have a product at hand, create a Facebook page first.
Upload the pics of the product you want to sell and their price tag, add your number as a means of contact.

You can even join groups on facebook and market your goods and services there.
They will always contact you and buy from you

If you cant go thru the stress of selling on facebook, you can even create a store on jumia, konga olx etc and sell your products thru that platform.

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