Practical Ways To Make Your Man Happy

Ways To Make Your Man Happy

As a lady in a relationship, i know there are times when our problem is not the man, but the feeling that you’re not making him as happy as he ought to be.

This is a very important post for you if you ever get such a feeling regarding your man. On this post, i am going to point out ways through which you can make your man happy.

Ways to make him smile whenever he thinks about you.


1. Always Make an effort with your appearance.

This is one of the things most fail to do as they begin to spend more time with their man. It is of utmost important that you always look good for your man.

This makes him proud and always willing to introduce you to friends since he’d know you’ll be accepted as a pretty lady. Do not step out of that door without a second check on the mirror in order to ensure everything as far as make-up and dressing is on the right side.
Do not forget to also do those things you used to do when at the initial time when you met each other. This has a way of sending him back to his days as a toaster, it will also remind him how beautiful you looked back then and with that, he’ll always smile knowing he still got the lady that broke the man in him right beside him

2.Give Him His Space.

In order to make your man happy,

You must understand that there are times when he just needs his space. No matter how madly in love he is with you, there will always be a time when he needs to think and do his things all by himself. At this times, be sure to grant his wish. This means you do not need to force your presence on him every 24 hours of the day.

There is nothing wrong if you decide to ask him to go play his favorite video game or have some beer with his friends (If he finds happiness doing that anyways) Giving him a space not only brings you a time to refresh yourself, it also gives you the time to pursue your own personal interests and maintain a fulfilling life.

Realizing the importance of space in your relationship not only be happy, you’ll both live as a happy couple and appreciate every time you spend together. This is true at all times.

3. Talk Through some Issues Together.

Men appreciate it a lot when they’re calmly talked to. It not only shows respect from their woman, it makes them listen.

Now instead of bottling up that issue or problems you’ve been having in your relationship, why not sit your boo down and and discuss it all with a calmness of the mind.
Remember that mild answers turns away rage! Talking calmly to your man not only increases his respect for you, it makes him more open and willing to discuss his own worries too. It makes him happy knowing you’re good in communicating and would always do same calmly.

Aside from talking to him about your worries and problems, you should also be able to give him an opportunity to voice out his own worries too.
As he begins to voice out his own worries, ensure you listen to him, do not try to dismiss his concerns as that may be a little selfish on your part.

One more thing is that men will always adore a calm lady that that who screams and always ready to tear down the walls just to make her points known.

4. Show More Love And Appreciation.

If you observe closely, you’ll see how much the young men of today has changed. I’ve even seen cases where guys go some extra miles such as buy flowers for their lady, cook you dinner and massage your feet after a stressful day at work. You as a lady should ensure you reciprocate his efforts. You will be more than ungrateful if you decide to take all these for granted. Make him understand how much you appreciate his kind gestures.

Even when he may not meet up expectation in these little tasks, encourage him. When he does something you really find nice, be affectionate, stretch him a good kiss or hug him very tight, you can also tell him “I love you so much” In the tune that really makes it sound good since he’s actually made you happy.

5. Complement Him.

Men are easily won over with compliments. Just like woman love to be praised like a queeen, so does men. So you as a lady trying to make your man happy, do not be stingy with praises.

When he has done something that took your breath away in someway, be sure to say it. Make him know you feel it. Do not assume he knows you appreciate what he has done. Show it by expressing it. Even if he knows, he will appreciate it coming from you mouth too.

6. Be Honest With Him.

I know its a very crazy world where honesty has become as rare as a blue moon, but in all, try as much as you can to be honest with your man. As the saying Goes “Honesty is the best policy”, Its the best thing you can ever give to a fellow man. Lieing to your man is not only bad, it may come back to hunt you at a later time.

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When you’re going out, tell him know where you’re going, sometimes, let him know who it is you’re meeting, tell him how you’re feeling. If you’re always honest with him, he will always be honest with you in return.

Honesty is very important in a relationship and i encourage you to always be honest with your man as this will make your relationship healthy. Having stated these, i hope you have been able to gain some knowledge on trhe 6 best ways to make your man happy. I know there are alot of other ways out there, but you can start with these after which you make further research.

Thank you for reading. What Do You Think??

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