Weight Loss Tips For New Mothers

The saying goes it takes up to 9 months to put on baby weight and will take up to another 9 months to lose, however, if you, like so many new mothers are struggling to lose those excess lbs then sit back and read the 6 weight lost tips for new mothers

What are the Weight loss tips for new mothers?

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1. Make Time for Yourself

It is easy to eat on the go when you have a baby, however by snacking all day long and on the wrong foods, this can make losing weight difficult and might even encourage weight gain.

Because of this remember to set time aside for yourself where you can pre-make meals for the next day and make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet.

2. Go for a Walk Everyday

Taking your baby for a walk to your local park or shops, or meeting a friend for a coffee can all help to exercise those muscles and get you working out.

The weight of your stroller in particular is great for building up muscles and will make your body workout harder

3. Make Your Own Food

Avoid the temptation of cooking ready-made meals and aim to make your own food. Most ready-made meals are packed with overflowing saturated fats and salt which can quickly bump up the calories.

Instead aim to make your own food as this will enable you to manage your calorie intake more efficiently. Please note: If you are struggling to find time to cook everyday, set some time aside for yourself to cook in advance.

Using your freezer, you can split up these pre-made meals and space them out over the week.

4. Join Your Local Gym

Now we are not talking about spending hours on the treadmill here. You can make going to the gym fun for everyone by going swimming a few times a week. Swimming is an incredible way to work out your whole body and have fun with your family, without straining yourself.

5. Try Breastfeeding

You may find the idea of breastfeeding inconvenient especially when your baby needs feeding every couple of hours, however breastfeeding has been proven to burn up to 500 calories per day. This is not the last of theĀ 6 weight lost tips for new mothers, see the 6th point below

6. Workout with Friends

Walking or joining an aerobics class with a friend is a great way to keep yourself motivated and ensure that you exercise regularly. Tip: if you are feeling self-conscious about your body, why not get a fellow mother to go with you and use each other as motivation.

Losing weight after having a baby doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Use any of the above strategies into your routine and you can successfully lose weight.

However if you are seriously struggling to lose those excess baby lbs, a proven dietary supplement pill such as Proactol can help.

Ideal if you are not breastfeeding anymore, if you are, waiting until after you have stopped breastfeeding to use Proactol.

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