What is the Meaning Of Alcohol

According to Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary, Alcohol is a word used to describe a volatile flammable liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars and is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, and other drinks. Alcohol is also used as an industrial solvent.

In a simpler term, an alcohol is a drink that contains alcohol or has the ability to induce some strange character or behavior in humans when consumed

For those over the age of 21, alcohol may as well be a way to loosen up and have a good time. But this special way of loosening up is becoming an alarming component of teen parties.

Today we have alcohol use and underage drinking, the abusive use of beer or alcohol before the minimum age of 18 in Nigeria is on the rise among teens.

Thing is our teens today has failed to understand that alcohol which may be good for those above 21 may pose a great risk and lead to more damaging effects that could impact their own lives, community, families and loved ones, health, Educational life, etc.

Underage drinking among adolescents today has become a more like a wide fire that’s spread across the world today and currently poses a greater risk than any potential benefits is there is any at all.

How Many Teens Uses Alcohol in Nigeria?

Statistics has shown that Alcohol is the most frequently used drug by teens in Nigeria and other countries in the world too. Further research has shown that this drinking begins right from when our kids or teens are in their junior high school and advances as they graduate into senior classes.

This is most common in Nigeria. To be specific, Information obtained while carrying out a survey on this subject matter suggests that 11% of every 100 students in the junior high schools admits to have used alcohol at least twice in a month. Others say it’s their first time while a greater portion of that percentage claims to do this at least once every week.

Digging further, it was discovered that in a population of 10.4 million people between the age of 12 and 18 had just a few sips. About 8% of that population in the US claimed to have more than 5 drinks in a row.


Addiction is one major risk for young users here, but addiction is not caused by just one thing rather, it is caused by a number of factors which may include genetics, environment on which a child finds himself and other physical risk factors working together lead to addiction.

On The following Paragraph, i am going to talk about the common theories about addiction.
These actually hold true for Alcohol, Drugs addiction too.

1. Genetic Theories Of Alcohol Abuse

The genetic theory of Alcoholism or the abusive use of alcohol or addiction states that Teens who are born into families in which addiction affects a close relative are four times more likely to develop an addiction themselves than peers without a similar history. However, addiction does develop in many without a family history.

2. Physical Theories Of Alcohol Abuse

With chronic, repeated use, alcohol use can actually change the structure and function of the still-developing brains of teenagers

3. Environmental Theories Of Alcohol Abuse

Teens who are under intense amounts of personal stress are at greater risks for using alcohol as a means to cope with the pressures of daily life. Additionally, being raised in a family in which addiction or alcoholism was present can increase the likelihood a teen will go on to develop problem drinking.


When talking about the effects of the use of alcohol, a lot of things has to be mentioned and i believe these issues are obtainable in almost all societies across the world.

Among the many effects of alcohol use, i am going to say a few of these effects and these include:

1. Adolescents who are so deep in the use of alcohol are observed to pay less attention in class and usually have poor performance in their academics.

2. Men who drank a lot during their younger years as teens or young adults tend to complete less years of education.

3. There are more chances of addiction if your child begins drinking at a very tender age. Mostly at his or her early teens.

4. Another effect Of Drinking in Adolescents is that it makes them develop the urge to engage in sexual activity even with strangers.

5. Adolescents addicted to drinking or wrong use of alcohol are likely to engage in unprotected sex at a later time.

6. Your Child’s use of alcohol could lead to a total or partial mental damage.

7. If Your child or Adolescent child engages in the use of alcohol, then he’s likely to combine same with drugs such as marijuana. This can be very dangerous to his mental development.

On This article, I have discussed the meaning of alcohol and given a few theories on the causes and various risks in alcohol misuse by our teens.

I have also written on 7 Effects of alcohol use by teens and hope you find these very useful. Please feel free to use this as a reference material when teaching your kids the several effects of the use of alcohol. It will help them. You can also share with others using any of the social media share buttons below.

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